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thedarkestpoint's Journal

The Darkest Point
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Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, RP
The Darkest Point
A Twilight RP

Beginning in Phoenix, AZ while Bella is still deciding where to go;
and the Cullen's live their quiet, secluded life;
we see how every person involved in this story undergoes a change.
The story deepens as two people find each other,
and the lines of friendship and enemies grow ever deeper and more defined.
Join the story and see how any person can be the center of the universe for another.
And the darkest point for someone else.
The Rules:
1. No fighting, flaming or being purposely hurtful (IC or OOC) to your fellow RPers.
2. Keep any OT posts in tdp_discuss.
3. If you have a problem with someone/thing, DO NOT post it in the community. Please message your lovely mods on LJ or AIM.

Your lovely mods:
ohitsbella, edwardacullen
and emmettmccarty
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